About Jerry L. Talley

Jerry Talley is the veteran of 3 careers. His first venture was on the faculty of Stanford University teaching in the Sociology Department for 18 years. Stanford was also the source of his PhD.

Coincident with that experience, he had a practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist for about ten years. He lectured at Stanford and other Bay area schools on relationship issues for several years afterwards.

Starting in the late 1970's, he moved into organization development consulting, accumulating over 450 client engagements since that time. For 16 years he managed the South Bay Organizational Development Network, a 500-member professional development group for HR, Training, and OD practitioners.

His clients have included companies in high tech R&D, hospitality, health care, the military, manufacturing, insurance, banking and credit unions, public education, publishing, entertainment, mental health, city and county government, not-for-profits, and large consulting houses...and one organic grocery store.

Through all these experiences, the common focus was on how people think about and manage complex and troubling situations, and how they form relationships with each other (or not) in the process.

His current focus is on supporting the careers of emerging and seasoned consultants. He provides training in the critical components of organizational consulting, as well as mentoring and project support when needed.

Here's a sampling of the companies he has had a chance to serve:

Alameda County Medical System
Alza Corporation (8)
Amdahl (4)
Applied Signal Technology (2)
ASK Computers (2)
Ascent Media STS
Barnes-Hind, Inc.
Benjamin Cummings Publishing (2)
Blockbuster Entertainment (4)
California State Auto Association
City of Sacramento (3)
Community Foods
Condor Systems
Conner Peripherals
Crane Naval Weapons Station
Dallas Water & Power
Department of Intelligence Agency (Army)
East Bay Municipal Utility District (2)
Electrical Contractors Trust of Oakland
ETR, Inc.
FMC Corporation (3)
Friends Outside
Girl Scouts of Heart of Central California
Health Projects Center (3)
HBO (5)
Hewlett Packard (8)

Human Factors, Inc.
Intel (15)
Interactive Health Systems
Jewish Community Center - Palo Alto
Kaiser Hospitals (Fremont & Oakland)
Lam Research
Levi Strauss & Co.
Loral Western Development Labs
Los Angeles Water & Power
LA Team Mentoring (2)
Loyola College
Management Analysis Center
McKinsey, Inc.
Measurex Corporation
MTV (3)
Nevada Power Company
NovoNordisk Delivery Technology
O'Connor Hospital
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Bell
Palo Alto Unified School District
Recording for Blind & Dyslexic

Rudolph & Sletten
Samaritan House
San Francisco Architectural Heritage
San Mateo County Human Services Agency (4)
Santa Clara County Alcohol & Drug Services
Santa Clara County Office of Education
Santa Clara County Finance Agency (+)
Santa Clara County Leadership & Employee Development (+)
Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation (+)
Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health
Santa Clara Valley Water District (5)
Santa Cruz County Credit Union (2)
Santa Cruz County Health Dept
Santa Cruz Operation
Showtime (2)
Silicon Valley Bank (5)
Stanford University Human Resources
Stanford Federal Credit Union (2)
Sun Microsystems (4)
Syntex Labs (2)
Tandem Corporation
The Fairmont Hotels (2)
TMI, Inc.
Turner Broadcasting
UltraClean Technology
Unisys Client Server Systems
United Defense
VLSI Technology, Inc.
Varian (2)
Westin Hotels

( ) indicates multiple assignments