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Your Next -- and Best -- Year as a Consultant

A presentation to SBODN in December 2012 on conceptualizing your consulting practice. Provides a series of "maps" to planning your journey to the next level in your practice. Defines the field of organizational development, the business of OD consulting, and the essential skill of the OD practitioner.

Problems, Big Problems, and Damn Problems

A presentation to a few professional groups in the South Bay area. Provides an introduction to the 6-type problem solving model that is detailed on Problem Solving 2.0.

Puzzles, Mysteries, and Muddles

A presentation to the Leadership and Innovation forum in April of 2010. A discussion of the nature of problem solving and the role of the senior leadership in cultivating problem solving as an organizational asset.

Decision Making in Organizations

A presentation to numerous professional organizations as well as the Masters of Public Administration program through USF and Cal State East Bay.

Outlines the key issues in quality decision-making in organizational settings. Presentation covers decision distortion, decision challenges, decomposing the content of a decision, 5 different decision forums, and finishes with a checklist for quality decisions.

Complexity: The New Corporate Challenge

A presentation to the Bay Area Human Resource Executive Council in November 2007.

Distinguishes between confusion (in the mind of the beholder) and genuine complexity (in the world). Suggests that our normal tendency to try and simplify things is the exact opposite of an effective response in the face of true systemic complexity. Explores the implications of a complexity mindset for decision making, strategy execution, and leadership.

Why Companies Can't Seem to Solve Problems

A presentation at the BAODN Best in the West Conference in April 2006. This is an expanded version of the presentation originally delivered to the SBODN "Seed the Future" conference on 13 May 2005 at Sun Microsystems. 

Organizations are poor at solving problems because of (1) an obsessive focus on results (rather than understanding), (2) a pallid model of problem solving, and (3) a poor understanding of the role of leadership in problem solving.

Creating the Conscious Company

A presentation in August 2006 to the South Bay Organizational Development Network. This talk uses an exercise which has its own file to download.

Despite all the value in developing people, sometimes we need to look to developing the corporate entity, creating a minimal level of perception, memory, modeling, and learning.  This "corporate consciousness" should be robust even in the face of substantial turnover.

Organizational Assessment . . . without tears

While organizations frequently turn to surveys as a strategy for self-improvement, they seldom get the full benefit of their effort. This presentation outlines the requirements for decision-readiness, which goes beyond simply collecting data. There is also a handout to download separately.

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