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Problem Solving

After 20+ years helping organizations solve perplexing problems, it finally dawned on me that the real issue was their problem solving ability. Being asked to solve essentially the same problem in the same company a few years apart made it clear that the real hurdle was not the problem, but the company's ability to address the problem.

Building on the joint work of myself and my colleagues, we have identified the 8 fundamental problem types that structure any problem situation. The result of our work can be found at our site on next generation problem solving

Using those types, we can outline the best process for resolution, the highest role of the sponsoring executive, and outline the elements required for a solution.

Process Improvement

Dan Madison is the Principal of Value Creation Partners. He has delivered process improvement to numerous companies. His clients are able to secure dramatic reductions in cycle time and equally significant increases in quality. His unique contribution to the field is his isolation of the principles of good process design. By applying these principles, clients can be quicker in their analysis and more confident in their redesign.

Dan regularly teaches courses on Analyzing and Improving Operations, Using the Principles of Strategic Thinking, How Great Leaders Solve the Toughest Organizational Problems, Six Sigma for Service and Manufacturing, and Strategic Cost Reduction through the University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, University of Texas, and University of Pittsburgh.

Organizational Assessment

Companies often feel driven to survey their employees to find out how they feel and think about key issues. Such projects seldom produce either the insight nor the employee engagement hoped for.

There is an alternative strategy that avoids the pitfalls of large survey efforts while actually engaging employees in enhancing the organization. The details are laid out on my site on Organizational Diagnostics

Organizational Learning

Susan Hoffer is a friend and colleague of many years. Her experience both in organizations and in working with people makes her superb at finding the lessons to be learned for greater future performance.

For companies who do not have the time or discipline to do "post mortems" on projects and special efforts, her practice provides a way to capture and document valuable lessons.

Her site provides details on her services as well as contact information.

Group Facilitation

For over 30 years Geoff Ball has offered facilitation to organizations. His experience covers groups large and small, confused and/or conflicted, private and public sector.

He has recently translated his considerable expertise into a CD-ROM supported training program. His site provides information both on his services and his product, SmartGroups.


Cathy Hammer works with her clients to develop customized, easy-to-implement communication strategies that lead to increased profitability and productivity by increasing the effectiveness of an essential resource: their key people. By combining dynamic team sessions with personalized one-on-ones, Ms. Hammer helps create clear processes that encourage involvement at all levels and builds contributions into solutions. The co-author of "Tips and Tactics for Conducting E-Commerce", Ms Hammer is an active member of the Executive Forum "BIG" consulting group and Directors Guild of America San Francisco education and networking committees. She holds a BS from Northwestern University School of Communication as well as Certification in Training and Development from U.C. Berkeley Extension and in Computer Programming and System Analysis from UCLA. Before opening her consulting practice, she produced software for the television game show industry including co-development of the backend software for "The Price is Right." For more information, visit cathyhammer.com

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