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Typical Scenario

Eventually every consultant will take on a client that requires slightly more -- or slightly different -- expertise than they can offer... at least I hope they will. We often ask our clients to take on new challenges, so we should demonstrate how to do that well. Perhaps the client needs a complicated employee survey, or they need a larger-than-usual change effort, or they need to confront executive mis-behavior. Or perhaps you just need a second pair of eyes to review your game plan for potential pitfalls or improvements.

The common thread is that you have an establsihed relationship with the client and need to temporarily augment your team (or your tool kit) to continue an existing engagement. However you deploy your Coach, they need to support the existing project configuration and be a genuine value-add rather than striking out in new directions or disturbing existing relationships.

How I Coach

My practice is labeled "JLTalley and Associates", so in this role I would be part of the "and Associates" under your banner. I would expect to be introduced only as one of your staff. My role is to augment and support your relationship with the client, not to create the need for new relationships. I would work as an associate on the project, acting on your behalf and at your direction.

A common situation is for me to design, administer, and help interpret an employee survey. I would defer to you in any client interactions. For example, I might conduct the data analysis, but I need not be involved in the presentation of survey results.

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