Materials for Business Process Measurement

These files are for the students of Business Process Measurement

Click on each of the files and download them to your computer. Unzip the case studies and EZAnalyze files.

Course Assignment

This Excel file is designed both as a container for your coursework and as a template to use in any process measurement project. You should make a clean copy before making entries for the class.

Notes for Day One

This PDF outline contains the content for the first day's work. You should print it out if you want to take notes on something during the lectures.

Graphics for Day One

This PDF package contains all the graphic slides I'll be using to focus our discussions. You should print it out if you want something to take notes on during the discussions.

Case Studies

This ZIP file contains 4 Excel files for 4 hypothetical process measurement cases. We'll use them during the course to demonstrate various facets of process assessment, design, analysis, and feedback.


This ZIP file contains the EZAnalyze program, which is a free Excel add-on for analyzing data from within your data file. It also includes installation instructions and a tutorial on how to use the program. It was originally designed to help teachers analyze their student data more effectively, so it is designed to be simple to use. I'll demonstrate how to analyze most data sets with this simple tool during the second day of the class.

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